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About Ex-Offenders Resource Network
We believe that "Second Chances" are essential to help the men, women and youth to turn their lives around. Lives that were lead astray whether by socio-economic conditions, family/peer pressures, and/or drug and alcohol addictions.

Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc., has the resources and/or partnerships to help transform your life. Our programming and resources are designed by an ex-offender who knows how to live life without being a recidivist statistics. 

But, it comes down to one (1) simple concepts: #1 is CHOICE.  This is the first step in remaining outside of prison walls, There is an old adage, "all money is not good money" is a mantra you should keep in mind when faced with the "choice of hustling or working. 

Surround yourself around positive people who will help to inspire you to be the best YOU that you can be. We are here to help you change your life, the Choice is upon YOU to want our help.

We have designed a huge complex to address all of "reentry needs, concern and worries", known as the EORN COMPLEX.

Here at Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc., we will never push religion upon you, we are not a church or faith based non-profit organization. We are "real people, who will give you "real talk". If you are sensitive you may find us abrasive.

-- James E. Whitfield aka J. Whit