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Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc., is a Minnesota based 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization founded by James E. Whitfield, whom served a substantial amount of prison time, 22.5 years for Bank Robbery. 

Mr. Whitfield, refreshed his computer skills, taught himself how to write computer programs, learned filmmaking and made a Movie - "Bridging the Gap: From Prison to Workforce", released in September, 2013.  And, set upon the path of helping others, i.e., ex-offenders, and other marginalized individuals.

He began meeting with business owners, employment agencies, Minnesota State Legislators, and members of the United States Congress to find employment opportunities to help the men and women released from State and Federal prisons for effective prisoner reentry programming. 

Thirty (30) days of his  SPNN DocU - Documentary Film  - "Bridging The Gap: From Prison to Workforce" release he founded, Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc., in October, 2013. 

Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc., educational programming is closely affiliated with an international "open source" education provider with more than 10 Million Users, and 3 Million Graduates Worldwide, and through our partnership Ex-Offenders resource Network, Inc., is permitted the following:

  • 100 Groups
  • 100 Subjects from the more than 800 Courses
  • 1000 Students Maximum Enrolled in in each Group

In late 2015, Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc., empaneled additional Members to its  Board of Directors​.

To further this Global Trend in  FREE "online learning"​, Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc., has applied to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education to operate a school, EORN Learning Centers, Inc.

Ex-Offenders  Resource Network, Inc., is in discussions to become an affiliate center/hub for the Minnesota Workforce Center Systems.

As of April 29, 2017, we were still recognized in over 90% of the World, 168 Countries and counting all without Government funding, and/or intervention. To date, Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc., 
is funded entirely by James E. Whitfield.  

Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc., has partnered with some of the largest corporations in the World, to deliver first rate, quality programs/training to help make a "better life possible" for those needing a "second chance".

In discussions regarding the opening of Chapters in Dallas, Texas; 
Tallahassee, Florida; 
Palm Coast, Florida; 
San Diego, California; 
Phoenix, Arizona; 
Indianapolis, Indiana
Chicago, llinois; 
Detroit, Michigan, 
Toledo, Ohio, and 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (all by Fall of 2017)

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The Staff and Board Members - Ex-Offenders Resource Network, Inc.