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Prisoner reentry back into society is a huge problem. A concern that both Judges and prison officials should consider when pronouncing a sentence, and upon a prisoners arrival into the custody of a correctional facility.

Judges generally determine a given sentence based upon what is called a Presentence Investigation Report (PSI Report), this information gathered by a Court-services officer associated with the Probation Department. In this report is what the investigator learns about the individual, a quasi-psychological, mechanical and sociological assessment, along with behavior patterns which have brought the two together.

As long as the investigator, provides a clear and accurate assessment, a forward thinking judicial official will have sufficient information to do several things:  (1) Determine an individuals sentence, (2) stipulate a reentry formula for the prisoner, and (3) periodically request from prison officials if they are working towards helping the prisoner in achieving his/her reentry plan(s).

This method of employing a new sentencing "structure/formula" would be a huge saving to taxpayers, reduce recidivism, reduce paperwork for already overloaded probation departments, Courts and prisons. The cost effectiveness comes into play by hiring an independent "strengths and weaknesses administrator consultancy service" to prepare a "whole person assessment, and geared towards "prisoner reentry needs, and goals."