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Anita R. (Minneapolis, MN) Community Outreach Representative MN Adult & Teen Challenge This is a great event and the people are amazing! Hats off to all of those who organized and co-sponsored, it ran seamlessly! There are hundreds of dedicated volunteers, thank you!!

Julie M. P. (Roseville, MN) Paralegal Good luck with your meetings in Minnesota! I would like to learn more about your approach to the reentry problem.

Jennifer B. (Hudson, WI) Mold Maker, CNC Machinist, CNC Programmer, Tool and Die Repair Keep up the awesome work, James! Very proud of you - keep making a difference!

Kristina T. S. (Lakeville, MN) Nonprofit Organization Management Congratulations, James Whitfield!

Jimmie R. (Minneapolis, MN) Excellent article ! I'm happy to see that your vision has been realized, James.

Keith E. (San Francisco, CA) Thank you James for keeping me in the loop with what is happening on your end! Wishing you continued blessings and growth and a fantastic weekend!! Thanks Keith E

Tamara G. (Minneapolis, MN) Thank you, James. This is an excellent and very important article that I will share...keep putting pieces like this back into the media and ask media to meet with you so they can create their own piece. Use these pieces for your year-end appeal. Very good!! Warmest, Tami

Linda Cazett, (Minneapolis, MN) Very nice work James! You are thorough, dedicated and eloquently stated!

David B., (Salt Lake City, Utah) Hi James, I'm very interested in learning more about you, your organization and how I might be able to contribute. I have a unique background, education, skills and history that might be helpful. You would be the best judge. I imagine you are pretty busy, so feel free to reach out to me whenever you are able. Thank you for everything you are doing. I look forward to speaking. Warmest Regards, Dave

Heather Kennedy-Bordeaux, Esq. Mr. Whitfield, I have been looking for a board to become involved with and your organization is exactly the type of work I am interested in doing. Perhaps we can meet and discuss further what you are looking for. Best, Heather

MN. Senator Michelle B., (St. Paul, MN) Impressive!

Naida Medicine Crow, AIOIC, (Minneapolis, MN) Hi James I would love to speak with you, I have Board experience with the Native American Community Clinic and I am passionate about social justice, and reducing inequalities in our communities. Thanks so much for your email.

Mayor Kirsten Hagen-Kennedy, (North Branch, MN) James, I would be honored to speak to you about serving on the Board.

Terry Limper, MN Workforce Center (Blaine, MN) Hi James, hope today finds you well. Could you please send me some of your business cards. You are a great resource!! Thanks

Mike Ketchel (Los Angeles, CA) You are making a huge difference.

Richard Atkinson (Ontario, Canada) Your president is aware of the need for such programs as yours. I can’t reiterate what he said but, it sounded like..."we must give those coming out of prison the means to join society in a productive way!" Your on to something that makes changes where they are needed, hopefully your president calls you soon.

Congratulations to Ms. Cathy Gray of (Madison, Wisconsin) upon successfully completing 11 ALISON.com courses.

Charles D., (MN.Department of Corrections) (St. Paul, MN) let's talk about a potential seminar for staff at MN DOC.

Mikki Murray, (Minneapolis, MN) Hi, James. It looks like all your work is paying off. CONGRATULATIONS! It's great to check in and see that you and your vision are flourishing. Mikki

Katie Clark-Seiben (Commission of MN Department of Employment and Economic Development) (St. Paul, MN) Hi James, Thanks for reaching out! I ……suggest you contact our Deputy Commissioner of workforce development, Jeremy Hanson Willis. We would love to learn more about your organization. My best regards, Katie

Amanda Wells (Anoka, MN) I would like to learn more about what u offer? What type of housing and jobs do you guys help with?

Audrey Edmunds (Eau Claire, WI) We listened to your radio interview last Friday morning. It was very informative. I sure hope that your business gains so much more financial support, as you are doing great things to help others. So good to see you and your wife last Friday eve. All the best for you!

Leslie Barber (Ottawa, Canada) You are doing the Lord's work my friend.

Celeste Young (San Diego, CA) James, do your services reach San Diego, CA?

Elfi Sterner (Vienna, Austria) I send you dear James warm greetings from Austria ...

John Nicholson, (Los Angeles, CA and New York City, NY) I found the following story on the NPR iPhone App. In the 1990s, states went on a prison-building binge. Today, millions who spent time in those prisons are back in society — and many are struggling to find work.

Lynn McLaughlin (Appleton, WI) Hi James! What a beautiful article on the power of the media ... and your perseverance to make a difference!

Matt H. TX. What you are doing is inspiring and necessary .

Tim B., CO.,See how James broke the back of adversity, rose above circumstance & leads others in kind.

Tony G., Minneapolis,MN. James offers an alternative that is otherwise not offered by the very Governments that locked them up. What James offers is the change needed. It is 2015!!

Tim Barry @timgbarry @jewhtfld Congratulations James & team! @timgbarry Meetup w/ James Whitfield (CEO) at the MN State Capitol for lunch @jewhtfld ex-offendersresourcenetwork.org #silentsuperheroes pic.twitter.com/Ic7SvsVaNt @jewhtfld Dude... congratulations--just so well done

Eric Hagen Blaine ex-convict starting non-profit to help others - abcnewspapers.com/?p=138553

D. Edward @IamDonnaEdward @jewhtfld Keep up the Good work!

CPSheppard @CPSWorks14560 @jewhtfld I am a retired parole agent from the state of California so I also understand the struggles of ex offenders. Retired July 1st CPSheppard @CPSWorks14560 James Whitfield’s INTERNATIONAL COALITION FOR REENTRY AFFAIRS, INC is helping ex-offenders! about.me/jewhtfld @jewhtfld

NoOffence! CIC (Nottinghamshire, Rotford, United Kingdom) @NoOffenceCIC @jewhtfld Have you voted in our inspirational award James @NoOffenceCIC Please all watch this video, and then head on over to @jewhtfld and let him know what you think! youtube.com/watch?v=aSxkfs… St. Paul cable network teaches the power of documentary film startribune.com/local/east/265… @NoOffenceCIC If you get chance today watch this inspiring video by James Whitfield 'Bridging the Gap: From prison to workforce.

James E Whitfield @jewhtfld @amyklobuchar I am extending an invitation to you to sit in on a Skype conference with Dozens of organizations around the World @ 2:00 pm.(5/12/2014)

James Whitfield @jwhitlegal I just befriended the Secretary-General to the United Nations - Mr. Ban Ki Moon.

Joan Treppa @JoanTreppa @jwhitlegal Hey James...just heard your message read on Kerri Miller's show! Awesome!!

Toriano C., Dallas, TX. I'll continue to support as much as I can. I like what you doing and I'm impressed by your progress. Keep up the good work cuz.

Mesha Wren (Minneapolis, MN) Seen you on the news and texted me to tell me. We are all proud and excited for you and this path you have taken. nothing but the best wishes for you !

Peggy Thornton Anderson (Springfield, MO) Thank you...I wish you the absolute best in every endeavor you choos to put your heart, mind, body, and soul to.

Celeste Young (San Diego, CA) I'm very happy regarding these accomplishments and your continued ACTION! Love&Light-C